“We slid off in the ‘Getaway Car'”: Travis Kelce addresses Taylor Swift situation

Jason Hanna/Getty Images

So what exactly is going on between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift?  Well, on the latest episode of his podcast, the Chiefs tight end walked right up to the line…but didn’t cross it.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Taylor showed up at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City this past weekend and watched Travis play.  In the new episode of Travis and his brother Jason‘s podcast New Heights, Travis admits, “Well, I know I brought all this attention to me. I did the whole friendship bracelet thing and told everyone how butt-hurt I was that I didn’t get to meet Taylor.”

Travis was referring to this past summer, when Taylor played Arrowhead Stadium on The Eras Tour, and he tried and failed to give her a friendship bracelet with his number on it.

“What’s real is that it is my personal life and I wanna respect both of our lives,” he continued. “She’s not in the media as much as I am doing this show every single week, and having fun during the NFL season on other guys’ shows”

“So, I’m enjoying life and I sure as hell enjoyed this weekend,” Travis concluded. “So everything moving forward, I think me talking about sports … will have to be kinda where I keep it.”

Regarding Taylor’s appearance at the game, Travis said, “Shout out to Taylor, that was pretty ballsy. I just thought it was awesome that everybody in the suite had nothing but great things to say about her. She looked amazing, everybody was talking about her in a great light.”

“Then we just slid off in the getaway car at the end, having fun flying around, breaking all the speed limits,” he added. “Shout out to Taylor for coming through and seeing me rock the stage.”

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