Britney Spears says she wants to remake Beyoncé song with help from Jay-Z

Britney Spears constantly posts videos of herself dancing to random songs, but she seems to really be feeling her latest tune.

She posted two videos of herself wearing an extremely skimpy purple bodysuit, dancing suggestively to the Beyoncé song “Daddy Lessons” from her 2016 album, Lemonade. In a third video Britney danced to the same song while wearing animal-print bikini bottoms and a midriff-bearing top with cutouts. 

In the caption on the third video, she wrote, “So many people have done remixes to my songs without my knowledge … so I guess it’s safe to say I will be redoing this song eventually  !!! Just need to meet Jay-Z and add a rap to it … what’s up ???”

Notably, “Daddy Lessons” is thought to be about Beyoncé’s complicated relationship with her father, Matthew Knowles. She sings, “Daddy made a soldier out of me/ Daddy made me dance … tough girl is what I had to be.”

Considering Britney’s fraught relationship with her own father, Jamie Spears, who she accuses of enriching himself through her hard work, it’s somewhat believable that Britney would want to record the song.

While there are rumors that Britney is working on new music, the only thing she definitely has planned is releasing her memoir, The Woman In Me, later this month.

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