As a kid, Kelly Clarkson bought a dictionary so she could understand *this* artist’s songs

Weiss Eubanks/NBC

Some artists are known for being intellectuals who like to toss big words around while writing lyrics. While interviewing one of those artists on the October 19 episode of The Kelly Clarkson ShowKelly Clarkson revealed she literally needed a dictionary to understand her songs.

The artist? Alanis Morissette. Kelly raved to the “You Oughta Know” singer about how she had this “very catchy way” of bringing her “Webster Dictionary words” into a song. She then started laughing and said, “This is not a lie. I bought my first dictionary because of you.”

“You didn’t know what I was talking about,” laughed Alanis.

“I was very young,” Kelly laughed. “And I was like, ‘What are these words? They mean something and I just need to look them up!’ And literally, you were the reason why I owned a dictionary for the very first time.”

Kelly didn’t mention which words Alanis used that sent her running to the dictionary, though if she was very young, perhaps “perverted,” “eloquently” or “duplicity” might have confused her.

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