Britney Spears’ mom denies claims she threw out Britney’s belongings

Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Britney Spears’ mom, Lynne, is hitting back at claims Britney made in her memoir, The Woman in Me.

In the book, the singer said her family threw away many of her treasured belongings while she was in a mental health facility in 2019, including Madame Alexander dolls she collected as a child, three years’ worth of her writing and a binder full of poetry.

“When I saw the empty shelves, I felt an overwhelming sadness,” she wrote. “I thought of the pages I’d written through tears. I never wanted to publish them or anything like that, but they were important to me. And my family had thrown them in the trash, just like they’d thrown me away.”

On Instagram Thursday, Lynne shared a series of photos — including a cabinet full of dolls and a black journal — refuting Britney’s claims that they had trashed her things.

“@britneyspears I’m not sure who told you I got rid of your dolls and journals but I would never do that!” she captioned the photos. “That would be cruel because I know how much they mean to you.”

“Of course I still have your things, and I am happy to send them to you if you’d like me to,” she added. “Please let me know and know how much I love you!”

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