Despite film roles, Dua Lipa says music will “always be number one” for her

Warner Bros. Pictures

Dua Lipa had a small part in the Barbie movie and appears in the upcoming Matthew Vaughn film Argylle, which hits theaters in February. But she says fans shouldn’t worry that she’s abandoning music for Hollywood.

According to Vogue, during a panel promoting the Barbie soundtrack, Dua said she really “loved the experience” of acting but added, “Music is really my number one love. It’s something that I feel like with every album and every session and every song that I put out, I find my feet a little bit more, and I get more confident and I believe in myself and my craft and who I am as an artist and as a performer more.”

“And I’m really enjoying being in that space as a songwriter and as an artist,” she continued. “And so music will always be number one for me, and then we’ll see. We’ll take baby steps.”

Dua’s upcoming third album is due out in early 2024. The first single, “Houdini,” is out now.

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