Ginuwine says he doesn’t remember the Justin Timberlake encounter described in Britney Spears’ book

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There are many compelling stories in Britney Spears‘ memoir, The Woman in Me, but one of them that went viral — thanks to Michelle Williamsdelivery of it in the audiobook version — was Britney’s description of an encounter Justin Timberlake had with Ginuwine. But the R&B star, who was just revealed as “Husky” on The Masked Singer, says that he has no memory of the incident.

In the book, Britney writes of JT and *NSYNC, “They were white boys, but they loved hip-hop … *NSYNC hung out with black artists. Sometimes I thought they tried too hard to fit in.”

“One day J and I were in New York, going to parts of town I’d never been to before,” Britney continued. “Walking our way was a guy with a huge, blinged-out medallion.” Britney says Justin’s reaction to spotting this person was to get “all excited” and say “so loud, ‘Oh yeah, fo shiz, fo shiz! Ginuwiiiiine! What’s up, homie?”

But asked about the incident by Billboard, Ginuwine laughed, “Nah, I don’t remember that. I would have probably looked at him very weird if he did that.”

“I just don’t remember that, but I remember [Justin] being a cool dude and me kicking it down there in Florida with [*NSYNC’s] producer at one time.” 

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