*This* is the one person Adele wants to see her Las Vegas show

Ruven Afanador

Adele‘s Las Vegas residency show, Weekends with Adele, has been attended by a number of celebrities, including Shania Twain and Lady Gaga, but she says the one person she really wants to see hasn’t managed to make it — yet.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter ahead of her accepting its Sherry Lansing Leadership Award, Adele says, “The only person I want to see it that hasn’t yet is my mum. I’m going to wait — I want her to see it at the end. Because I think she’ll find it really emotional as well.”

Adele also admits that Gaga is the one person who “made me really, really nervous” when she was in the audience.

Speaking of fellow female performers, Adele says she quietly reaches out to younger artists and gives them advice. 

“I get in touch with them because no one ever did that to me, gave me any advice or any secret nuggets of truth or tricks of how to survive it in any way,” she explains. “So I have them ’round and we have some wine and I talk to them.” She says she’d “love” to go into artist management but laughs, “I can’t work with talent … we are a nightmare!

A few other revelations from the Adele’s interview:

The one movie she wants to do is by an unknown man who is “not mentally ready to write the script for it.” She says, “That’s the only role I ever want. Because I think I’d nail it. I think I’d do really, really, really good at it.” She says she gets offered biopics of singers “all the time,” but, she notes, “I think that’s too obvious.”

Her dream job is to be a script reader. “People think it’s hilarious, and they don’t take me seriously,” she says. “And I often say to my manager, ‘I think I could make some really great stuff, I want to be really successful at something.’ And he’s like, ‘What?!’ I was like, ‘I know, but [music] is my hobby. I just fell into it … I want to be in TV and behind the scenes.’”

Among this year’s Grammy nominees, Adele says, “SZA’s [album] was definitely my favorite … I imagine she’ll win all of them.” Adele also says she’s “very excited that Dua Lipa is back [with a new single].”

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