Olivia Rodrigo will be wearing Kim Cattrall during her GUTS tour

Weiss Eubanks/NBC Universal

When artists perform live, they wear special in-ear monitors that allow them to hear their voice and the music around them so they can be sure their vocals are on point. And on the December 12 edition of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Olivia Rodrigo revealed that she decorates her in-ears with inspirational images.

Olivia showed off a photo of the in-ears she used on her SOUR tour: Both were decorated with photos of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in the Twilight films. “He’s my guiding light on tour, just have to have my lucky charm,” she said.

But the swoon-worthy vampire is going away as Olivia gets ready for her GUTS World Tour.

“I’m gonna get a new face every tour, ” she told Kelly. She then shared a photo of her new in-ear “lucky charm” — a picture of Kim Cattrall as Samantha in Sex and the City, sipping on a cocktail.

“She’s my favorite and she’s, like, drinking a little martini and I thought it was great,” Olivia added.

Also on the episode, Olivia revealed what one of the “gutsiest” things she ever did was.

“The second time I ever performed in my career was on SNL,” she told Kelly. “And I was 18 years old … I was terrified … and I just remember being terrified and being in my dressing room and being like, ‘I don’t know if I deserve to be here, this is terrifying,’ but I did it anyway.”

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