Watch Dua Lipa get wasted on disgusting drinks with Seth Meyers

Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Dua Lipa went day drinking with Seth Meyers on Monday night and ended up singing, screaming and swearing in Albanian.

During the December 11 episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, Dua and the late night host drank a series of increasingly gross concoctions that he whipped up, including one that mixed bourbon, soda, green juice and Calvados, and another that was a mixture of Red Bull, pumpkin spice latte, tequila and Campari. That was followed by a series of shots of clear liquid, which Dua and Seth kept downing until they hit the one glass filled with water.

When they were both on the way to being good and wasted, Seth and Dua asked each other a series of questions: They had to either answer or do a shot. Dua ended up mostly doing shots to avoid answering questions like, “Who’s the most famous person who’s slid into your DMs?” and “Oprah or Beyoncé?”

She did, however, take Seth up on his invitation to sing “Happy Birthday” in her best Cockney accent. She also revealed the filthiest swear she knows in her native language of Albanian. Then, they both tried to match each other’s highest notes, which ended with them both screaming.

You can watch the entire messy episode on now on YouTube.

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