That’s hot: Jason Derulo, Meghan Trainor pay tribute to ‘The Simple Life’ in new video

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Jason Derulo and Meghan Trainor enlisted Paris Hilton for the video for their new song “Hands On Me,” because the entire clip was inspired by Paris and Nicole Richie‘s beloved reality show The Simple Life.

The clip starts with Jason pitching Paris a concept for a reboot of The Simple Life. Paris responds, “Remakes are huge right now.” It’s sort of an inside joke, because the song itself is based on Ben E. King‘s classic 1961 track “Stand By Me,” but with new lyrics.

Jason then shows Paris what he has in mind for the reboot: Cue him and Meghan down on the farm doing chores, most of which go wrong for Jason — especially when he tries to put the moves on a hottie in cut-off jeans. He gets crushed by a tree, falls down while chasing a chicken, gets attacked by bees and — worst of all — is forced to plunge out a toilet. Meanwhile, Meghan drives around on a lawnmower and looks cute with a chainsaw.

At the end, Jason asks Paris, “So, what you think?” 

“Loves it,” responds Paris. “That’s hot.”

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