Joey Fatone’s hookup for his favorite Christmas treats is … his ex-wife?

Unique Nicole/WireImage

Christmastime usually means family time, and it can be enjoyable even if you’re divorced. Take Joey Fatone, for example. The *NSYNC star says his favorite Christmas treats are the ones his former wife makes, and she still shares with him every year.

“My ex-wife, she makes cream puffs. Cream puffs are the staple. And even though I’m not with my wife anymore, I still get p***** off if she doesn’t bring them to my house. That is a rule,” he tells ABC Audio.

“And there’s also a pistachio nut cake that she makes actually that’s really, really good. So those two things are definitely staples that remind me of Christmas and holidays,” he adds.

And his involvement with ex Kelly Baldwin doesn’t stop at baked goods. Joey says because his daughter Kloey is still young, he makes it a point to spend Christmas morning with her — at Kelly’s house.

“Every morning, right around 7 o’clock in the morning, I’ve been going to my ex’s house … to open up gifts with them. I have not missed that yet,” Joey says. “So we’ve been doing that for every year. I mean, obviously when she gets older, we’ll probably bounce back and forth. But, you know, she’s still a kid we still want her to have that family thing.”

“I think that’s what’s actually kind of cool about my family,” he adds. “We don’t do everything together, but we do do things together.” 

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