Taylor Swift’s Little Golden Book is fastest-selling one in the brand’s history

Random House Children’s Books

Taylor Swift‘s life story was turned into a A Little Golden Book for kids earlier this year — and it’s been selling just as well as her albums have.

Random House Children’s Books announced the book has sold 1 million copies since its release in May 2023.  Reaching the million-copies-sold milestone in just seven months, it’s now the fastest-selling Little Golden Book in the 81-year history of the brand.

According to Publisher’s Weekly, as recently as last month it was the seventh-bestselling book in the U.S. — among books for adults and for kids.

Wendy Loggia, who wrote the book, said in a statement, “I treasure my childhood collection of Little Golden Books, and to have the chance to write one, let alone on a woman as iconic, admirable, and brilliant as Taylor Swift, was an honor. I’m incredibly touched by the reaction to the book.”

Taylor’s Little Golden Book will be soon be joined by Little Golden Book biographies of Elton John and Lady Gaga, both coming on January 2.

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