Why Tate McRae will never listen to her own albums again


Tate McRae will be performing the songs from her new album Think Later — along with songs from her debut, I Used to Think I Could Fly — on her upcoming world tour. But don’t expect Tate to ever listen to those albums again — because when she does, all she hears are the mistakes.

In a video she made for Vogue about her beauty routine, Tate discusses her life and career. At one point, she explains, “What happens is, you over-listen to you music when it’s unreleased, because you can still make changes, and you’re the only one that has it.”

“And then it releases, and I literally just will never listen to it again,” she reveals. “Otherwise, I will find missed notes … and I will have a panic attack. Because I will want to change everything.”

In the same interview, Tate says Zendaya is a celebrity she really looks up to. “She has been fashion, beauty … I watch all her interviews …. just the way that she carries herself is … I admire so much,” she notes.

Tate also reveals an interesting beauty secret: If you ever see freckles on her face, they’re not real — she uses a product called Freck XL to make them.  

“It just makes it a little more natural,” she explains. “Let’s say a makeup artist does so much on my face, and it looks super-glam, I’ll be like, ‘Add freckles,’ and it instantly looks so much more natural.”

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