Is Lil Nas X *really* going to college for Bible study?


After announcing his new single “J CHRIST,” out Friday, and revealing artwork that depicts him being crucified, Lil Nas X claims he has plans to attend college and study religion.

“I know twitter hates me right now but i want yall to know im literally about to go to college for biblical studies in the fall,” he posted on X, formerly Twitter, on January 9. “Not everything is a troll! Anyways IM A STUDENT AGAIN! LETS GOOO.”

That post was accompanied by an “acceptance letter” from Liberty University addressed to Montero Hill, the rapper’s birth name. It said, “Congratulations! You have been officially accepted to Liberty University for the Fall 2024 semester with a Dual Concentration in Christian Leadership and Biblical Studies.”

But as many people have pointed out, the letter is signed by the “president” of the university, Jerry Falwell.  Falwell actually died in 2007; he’s the former president of the university. The current president is Dondi E. Costin. So, it seems everything is a troll after all.

Speaking of trolling, the rapper has now posted a TikTok that shows him wearing Biblical-era clothing, drinking an entire tray of tiny cups of Sacramental wine and eating an entire tray of what Catholics refer to as the “host:” the Sacramental bread used during Holy Communion.

He reposted the TikTok on X and captioned it, “yall really gone pretend yall didn’t wanna do this s*** as kids?”

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