New JLo album is coming, so how about a tour? “I really want to,” she says

Norman Jean Roy

The last time Jennifer Lopez did a full-fledged tour was back in 2019. But since she’s putting out her new album, This Is Me … Now, in February, is hitting the road in her future? She says nothing’s official, but she did design all the songs on the album so they’d work live.

Speaking to Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe, JLo explained, “I kept telling my team, I was like, ‘You have to understand, I’m going to perform these songs. I’m going to bring them to life onstage, and it needs to be down in the ground. We got to dig.’ And they understood it and they gave it to me.”

She noted that the new single “Can’t Get Enough” “is a perfect way to kind of come out of the box with this one because it does have that, like, my performance energy.”

“I really want to [tour],” she added. “I think that of all of the albums and of all the projects that I’ve done … I believe that there’s nothing that’s more suited to being live and having a live experience than this record.”

“I don’t have any official kind of ‘this is it right now,’ but I am very keen to get out there and perform this music for sure.”

During the YouTube livestream that preceded the premiere of the “Can’t Get Enough” video, Jennifer said, “What I wanted to tell everybody with the album … is true love actually exists.” 

She even asked her “true love” — her Oscar-winning husband, Ben Affleck — for advice on the video, noting, “Nobody kind of knows my story or me more than he does.” Affleck also co-wrote the Prime Video film inspired by the album, This Is Me…Now: A Love Story. Both will release on February 16.

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