Watch Ariana Grande get “weirdly emotional” playing eternal sunshine for the suits

Republic Records

Ariana Grande has given fans a rare glimpse into how the music works with her latest Instagram post. In the video, we see Ariana in a studio, preparing to play her new music for the people who work at her record label, Republic. 

Starting by saying that things have just been “pouring out and happening very quickly,” Ariana tells them, “It’s kind of a concept album, because it’s all different heightened pieces of the same story, of the same experiences. And yeah, I’m, like, weirdly emotional.”

Even though she notes that she’d been “doing this for you guys for 10 years, 12 years,” Ariana jokes that she’s still nervous, telling herself, “F****** pull it together, b****!”

“Some of them are really vulnerable,” she says of the new songs. “Some of them are, like, playing the part that people kind of expect me to be sometimes, and having fun with that. And the rest of it’s all kind of really vulnerable.”

She then explains that in September 2023, when the actors strike started — shutting down production on her movie Wicked — she went into the studio with producer Max Martin for a week, then worked alone. She says in October she and Max worked on the record for another week.

As she presses play, the video cuts to the end and everyone is applauding. “Thank you, I’m crying,” she replies. 

Eternal sunshine arrives March 8. 

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