Ariana Grande wants fans to experience ‘eternal sunshine’ in her own “ideal way”

Republic Records

For any fans who heard the first single from Ariana Grande‘s upcoming album, eternal sunshine, and said, “yes, and?” — sorry, you’re not getting any more singles.

On her Instagram Story, Ari explained, “As hard as it is to resist the urge to share another song or single with you all asap, i would really love for you to experience the album in full this time … waiting a little longer for you to be able to listen fully through first really is my ideal way for you all to experience this body of work.”

“Thank you for your trust in my vision and plan!” she adds. “You have waited so long for new music from me and i am so grateful for your patience. i look forward to savoring every second of this new era with you all and i sincerely cannot wait for it to be yours! it’s going to be (and already is) so special.”

She concludes, “I am so excited for all that is to come. more than ever.”

eternal sunshine is due out March 8. In her story, Ariana hinted, “we have have a little surprise or two up our sleeves to hold you over until then so don’t you worry.”

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