Noah Kahan reflects on Grammy experience: “It was the privilege of a lifetime to be there”

Stewart Cook/CBS

Noah Kahan has shared a reflection on his experience at the Grammys.

In an Instagram post, the “Stick Season” artist writes, “It was the privilege of a lifetime to be there, to be a part of it.”

“To feel deserving of something so great was a real challenge, but with all of your support and the support of my team, and my loved ones, I feel like I did grow in confidence and finally feel proud of myself,” Kahan writes.

Kahan was nominated for Best New Artist, but the trophy ended up going to R&B artist Victoria Monét.

“I am so proud of and excited for Victoria Monet,” Kahan writes. “[She] deserved winning, and you could tell how much it meant to her.”

“That is all you can hope for for somebody else; to watch them live out their dreams if only to be reminded that dreams do come true, and that magic exists,” he continues. “To Victoria and my other fellow nominees, you are MAGIC. Every single one of you was deserving, and you handle your lives and careers with such grace.”

Kahan notes that he’s “very competitive” and that it “hurts to lose out on an award, or to feel like I’ve failed in some way.”

“The truth is though, that this was not a failure,” Kahan writes. “It has been a celebration. It’s been a celebration of what we have achieved together, of all of the beautiful moments we’ve shared this year. It’s been a postage stamp and a ribbon put on this absolute gift of a journey.”

“Thank you to everybody who cheered me on this week, and over these last 8 years,” he adds. “Someday we will be back, and I know you’ll still be by my side.”

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