Usher goes missing before halftime show in ‘Where’s Usher?’ Super Bowl film + new tour dates announced

Apple Music

It’s a mission to find the man of the hour in the new Apple Music short filmWhere’s Usher? 

A group of Usher’s close friends, Taraji P. HensonLudacris and Lil Jon, search for Usher high and low in key areas around Las Vegas and find him right before it’s time to perform the Super Bowl halftime show. 

Clues take the group to a magician, a skating rink and a water fountain — where Usher’s “making it rain” and “letting it burn” — and help to get the singer to his highly-anticipated, history-making 15-minute set.  

There’s 14 of his songs weaved into the 7 minutes, which might be a clue to the music he’ll play at the actual Super Bowl on Sunday. 

Lil Jon and Luda’s appearance in the film may hint that they’ll join Usher onstage to perform their chart-topping hit, “Yeah” — a rumor circulating the internet ahead of the big game.  

In other Usher news, the “Good Good” singer returned Thursday, adding new dates to his just-announced Past Present Future Tour.

Due to “incredible fan demand,” the Grammy winner will make 17 additional stops on his North American tour, which kicks off this fall. 

He’ll start with performances at the originally scheduled stop in Washington, D.C., on August 20 and will now play a follow-up show in D.C. the next day. 

Other cities where Usher will extend his stay include Baltimore, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta and Chicago. 

On the tour, Usher will perform songs from his 30-year career as well as new material from his ninth studio album, Coming Home, out February 9.

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