Tate McRae says her list of tour must-haves, complied by her mom, is the “weirdest ever”

Disney/Randy Holmes

Tate McRae kicks off her headlining tour in April, but when it comes time to eat on the road, Tate says her must-have snacks are pretty bizarre.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Tate says her “rider” — that’s music biz speak for the list of an artist’s backstage demands — “is the weirdest thing ever.” 

“It consists of hard-boiled eggs, dark chocolate, peanut butter, rice cakes, and Essentia [water],” she reveals. “Oh! And sliced turkey. It was partially made by my mom. If I didn’t have this, I’d be eating hot Cheetos every day.”

Tate, who’s Canadian, recently took part in the NHL All-Star Game with fellow Canadian celebrities, including Justin Bieber. Asked if she would collaborate with him — or anybody else — Tate said, “Hopefully I do a collab in the near future. It’s one of the next things I wanna do in my career.”

“Justin has been an inspiration of mine for so long, it was such a cool experience to hang out with him and get to know him,” she adds. “He’s a really nice guy.”

The “greedy” singer also discussed who she makes her music for.

“I make music for myself. It is extremely therapeutic for me. The one thing that will get me through the year is my ability to find perspective in life through writing,” she says. “If I didn’t [make music] for myself, I would find no point in it.”

“What I search for when I listen to music is to find the words I don’t know how to say. I just hope other people feel the same way with my music.”

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