Dua Lipa casually revealed the title of her album two weeks ago, and nobody noticed

Tyrone Lebon

Unlike Taylor Swift fans, Dua Lipa fans may not dissect everything she says or posts for clues, hints or Easter eggs — which is probably why nobody noticed when she secretly revealed the title of her album on March 2.

Accepting her trophy for Best Pop Act at the Brit Awards in London, Dua thanked her fans. She said in her acceptance speech, “You guys give me this, like, radical sense of confidence that I can do anything, and that I can try and I can experiment.”

“And you guys are there for me and you guys have supported me, and all the love and the support and the optimism is what inspires me, so thank you!” she concluded.

On March 13, Dua revealed that the title of her new album is Radical Optimism.

“omg we are not like the swifties we are blind,” commented one fan. “the clues were ALL THERE,” wrote another. “We are a blind fandom, besties…,” another person wrote.

In an attempt to defend the fandom, one of Dua’s fan wrote, “Guys, we are not swifties. we don’t catch/look for hints.”

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