Joey Fatone says JT’s *NSYNC reunion track “Paradise” is what it “would sound like if we did another album”

Kevin Mazur/WireImage for MTV

 Justin Timberlake‘s new album, Everything I Thought It Would Be, is out now, and it includes “Paradise,” which reunites him with *NSYNC. On March 13 in LA, the group reunited onstage as well to perform the track live — and Joey Fatone tells ABC Audio he believes it’s an example of what *NSYNC would sound like if they made an album today.

“It’s a great song. Enjoy it,” he says. “I hope people really do. It’s a bada** song, I ain’t gonna lie.”

There are 18 songs on the album, so why did JT decide to reunite *NSYNC for “Paradise”? 

“When you hear it, you’ll know. When you listen to it, you’ll understand,” Joey says. “It’s kind of in the lyrics … it’s kind of like, the newer version of *NSYNC, if we were to do something further.”

“I think this is the song that would take it to the next level of what *NSYNC would sound like if we did another album,” he adds.

He emphasizes, “Not saying we’re going to, I’m just saying if.”

In absence of a full *NSYNC reunion tour, Joey and Backstreet Boys AJ McLean are kicking off their joint A Legendary Night tour March 15. But AJ’s still holding out hope that one day both groups can do one giant performance. “Both bands have the best fans in the world. They’re so loyal,” AJ says. 

He adds, “I think if we ever did happen to do something [together], I think it would break the planet. Honestly, I think fans would lose their mind, and I think it would be — even if it’s a one-time thing, pay-per-view, whatever it is — a special moment just for the fans.”

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