ZAYN releases “What I Am,” new single from “raw and stripped back” new album

Mercury Records

ZAYN is giving fans a taste of his new sound with “What I Am,” the first single from his upcoming fourth album, Room Under the Stairs.

The soulful, mid-tempo ballad mostly features guitar, rather than electronic beats. ZAYN sings, “Don’t take me for what I’m saying/Just take me for what I am/‘Cause this is where I’m staying/My two feet are in the sand.”

The album was recorded in ZAYN’s home studio in rural Pennsylvania. He says, “This is my favorite album that I’ve made to date, mainly because it comes from a place of sheer honesty and vulnerability. I wanted each song to feel as if it was just me sitting beside you telling you how I feel, singing directly to you. It’s raw and stripped back and the type of music I always hoped to make.”

The album was co-produced with Dave Cobb, known for his work with country and Americana artists like Chris Stapleton and Jason Isbell and rock acts like Greta Van Fleet, Slash and The Revivalists.

“Working with Dave Cobb has been an amazing experience,” says ZAYN. “The way he’s elevated the music is second to none, and he has done an incredible job helping me create this record. I hope we can take listeners on some whimsical, magical journey, and that they enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.”

As for why he’s gone in this direction, ZAYN explains, “I think just being where I was at that time, staying away from things and living with my own thoughts inspired me to want to write something from that place.”

Room Under the Stairs arrives May 17.


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