Olivia Rodrigo’s rumored boyfriend says, “Dating probably shouldn’t be done in the public eye”

Olivia Rodrigo; Jason Kempin/Getty Images for ABA; Louis Partridge; Lia Toby/Getty Images for BFI

Based on photographic evidence, Olivia Rodrigo appears to be dating actor Louis Partridge, best known for starring in Netflix’s Enola Holmes movies and FX’s Pistol, about the punk band the Sex Pistols. In a new interview with British Vogue, Louis addresses their rumored relationship for the first time.

Asked about seeing himself in the tabloids and on social media with Olivia, he smiles and says, “Dating probably shouldn’t be done in the public eye. There’s enough going on between two people. You don’t need the voices of thousands of others in your head.”

“I think she’s got it a lot worse than I have. I can be a bit of a normal person. She’s got tons and tons of eyes on her case,” he adds. 

Asking how he blocks out the noise, the actor says, “If there’s a load of people nattering in a room about you, you can choose to put your ear to the door to hear what they say or not. I think you’re probably better off not letting curiosity get the better of you.”

Rumors that Olivia and Louis were dating started in October; they were seen kissing in December.

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