Olivia Rodrigo gathers all her boyfriend’s exes for “obsessed” video


Olivia Rodrigo is “Miss Right Now” in her new video for “obsessed,” one of the “secret” tracks that finally hit streaming services March 22 as part of her deluxe album GUTS (spilled).

The song is about how Olivia is obsessed with all the women her boyfriend has dated. In the video, she gathers all of her current boyfriend’s exes together for a special ceremony. They’re all dressed like pageant queens and sporting sashes that indicate what role they played in her guy’s love life: “Miss Two Summers Ago,” “Miss Thought He Was the One,” “Miss Freshman Year,” “Miss Put Him in Therapy” and so on.

Olivia, wearing black with a “Miss Right Now,” sash, hands the women trophies for being “Good With Kids,” “The Life of Every F******* Party” and other “achievements.”  In between, she and her band rock out in the hallway outside the party room.  At the end, everyone’s left, and she’s vacuuming the flower petals off the carpet.

In addition to the four “secret” tracks, GUTS (spilled) also includes a brand new song, “So American,” which you can hear now on streaming.

“He laughs at all my jokes/And he says I’m so American/Oh, God, it’s just not fair of him/to make me feel this much,” Olivia sings.  Could this be a reference to her alleged boyfriend, Louis Partridge, who’s British?

(Videos contain uncensored profanity.)

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