Lana Del Rey interviews Billie Eilish on music, fame & love for ‘Interview’ magazine

Disney/Chris Willard

After their surprise collaboration at Coachella, Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey reunite in a new piece for Interview magazine.

In the article, Del Rey asks Eilish about her new album, HIT ME HARD AND SOFT, and how the track sequencing reflects its title. 

“It’s hard and soft and hard and soft,” Eilish explains. “There’s motifs and melodies that repeat and lyrics that call back to other songs. The songs morph into each other.”

While talking about the song “LUNCH,” in which Eilish sings, “I could eat that girl for lunch,” she describes how difficult it can be to grow up in the public eye.

“Every time I’ve gotten past the point of frustration and end up explaining myself, it’s only gotten worse,” Eilish says. “That caused me to prematurely state things that I don’t even feel confident or comfortable knowing about myself. And suddenly, I’m saying them publicly, and everyone’s like, ‘Oh, that’s who she is.’ And I’m like, ‘You are making me feel like I am not allowed to grow and change.’ It’s so f****** scary, because everything is written in stone.”

The conversation also veers into relationships, with Eilish sharing that she has “a power issue and a control issue, and I also don’t like being vulnerable in a romantic way.”

“It makes me feel uncomfortable, and I don’t know how many times I’ve really been in love,” Eilish says. “I think there’s different versions of love, and I think that you can be in love and it might not be deep. I’m not going to get too in detail, because I’m going to be rude, but I’ve never been dumped, and also, I’ve never been broken up with. I’ve only done the breaking up.”

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